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Sony BRAVIA MASTER Series XR-75Z9K 75" Z9K Smart Mini LED 8K UHD TV with HDR

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75" Z9K Smart Mini LED 8K UHD TV with HDR

The XR-75Z9K combines sharp 8K resolution and a big screen jam-packed with Mini LEDs for a stunning, lifelike picture.

Sony's flagship Mini LED TV

The Z9K is Sony's best LED TV series for 2022, bringing together all of their best upgrades this year. The picture on this massive 8K TV really pops, providing a level of rich detail that puts it a cut above even the best 4K models.

The biggest jump in picture quality comes from a panel filled to the brim with Mini LEDs. Thousands of these tiny backlights are densely packed together and precisely controlled by Sony's XR Backlight Master Drive for exceptional contrast - delivering brighter highlights and deeper blacks.

Processing made for the human eye

Sony is famous for their powerful processing, and their latest technology produces a sharp, hyper-detailed image that's about as true-to-life as a TV can get. The Cognitive Processor XR™ harnesses the power of machine learning and marries it with a human perspective to create a truly immersive experience.

A wide range of elements (contrast, color, texture, etc.) are cross-analyzed in each frame to detect and enhance key focal points. The number of specific details being adjusted can rise into the hundreds of thousands. Because these focal points are based on how we actually see the world, the image feels deeper and more lifelike.

Realistic, vibrant color

The TV's XR TRILUMINOS Pro™ display technology further enriches your experience by providing a wider palette of vivid colors. The additional subtlety in color variation helps the picture look authentic and natural.

Enhanced by HDR

The XR-75Z9K also supports the Dolby Vision® HDR (High Dynamic Range) format. This system adjusts brightness and color levels scene by scene for enhanced contrast and detail with Dolby Vision encoded programs, many of which are available through popular streaming services.

Adaptable 3D TV sound

Sony's cognitive processing isn't just for the picture - it's used to enhance the sound as well, ensuring that you're always getting 3D audio, regardless of your source. The processing teams up with Sony's innovative frame tweeter design, which allows the TV's frame itself to produce sound. Sound effects can be projected vertically or to the side and positioned where the source of a sound appears on-screen. This allows the XR-75Z9K to produce immersive 3D audio without the need for additional equipment around the room.

Streaming with ease using Google TV

The TV's built-in Google TV smart app platform puts a wide range of streaming services at your fingertips, from Netflix® to Disney+, and consolidates your viewing choices into a single seamless interface. This saves you a ton of time by letting you search for content through multiple services at once. If you're looking to watch Jet Li in the artistic and colorful Hero, Google TV will quickly point you in the right direction. No need to individually search through each service you're signed up for.

Convenient control

You can navigate the basic functions of the TV and even search on Google TV with just your voice, thanks to the remote's built-in mic. Google Assistant is built-in, but the TV is also compatible with Alexa, letting you incorporate the TV into your preferred smart home system.

Great for gaming

Sony has dropped in some helpful perks for gamers with this 75" TV. Game Mode keeps your input lag down as low as 8.5ms and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) automatically recognizes gaming inputs to make sure you're controls stay responsive. For a fighting game fan like me, this is huge. I need all the help I can get stringing together combos in King of Fighters XV.

The XR-75Z9K also has HDMI 2.1 connections that support both 4K/120 Hz and eARC (enhanced Audio Return channel). And with a future firmware update, it will also gain Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) to kill pesky frame tearing and stuttering. If you've got a PlayStation 5, you'll also experience more accurate color and details from Auto HDR Tone Mapping.

Product highlights:

    • 8K resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels)
    • Mini LED backlight powered by XR Backlight Master Drive for precise brightness control (local dimming)
    • supports High Dynamic Range (HDR10, HLG, Dolby Vision) for improved contrast and brightness with HDR content
    • XR TRILUMINOS Pro™ display technology for a wider, more natural color palette
    • Cognitive Processor XR™ cross-analyzes up to hundreds of thousands of individual elements at a time, using focal points based on human perception to create gorgeous, lifelike images
      • XR 8K Upscaling™ improves image to near-8K clarity by cleaning up the picture, reducing noise, and filling in lost detail using a texture reproduction database
      • XR Contrast Booster™ 20 provides realistic depth with deep blacks and improved brightness
      • XR Motion Clarity™ intelligent motion processing keeps fast moving action crisp and blur-free (120 Hz refresh rate)
      • X-Anti Reflection™ and X-Wide Angle™ help you enjoy the picture from any angle
    • Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode mimics the settings on Netflix's mastering monitors to ensure an accurate picture
    • IMAX Enhanced certification for improved performance with IMAX Enhanced 4K/HDR content
    Video source compatibility:
    • watch 4K streaming content from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and YouTube
    • receivers over-the-air broadcasts (antenna required)
    • Clear QAM tuner decodes unencrypted digital cable signals up to 1080i without a set-top box (subscription required to receive cable channels)
    Smart TV features:
    • Google TV user interface lets you browse live TV, movies, and TV shows from across many streaming services all in one place
    • compatible with AirPlay® 2 to allow wireless streaming from your iPhone® , iPad® , or Mac®
    • supports voice control of compatible apps
    • remote has built-in Google Assistant - control basic TV functions and compatible smart home gear, search TV's streaming services, set timers, and more
      • use wake word to access Google Assistant hands-
    • dual-band Wi-Fi 5 (802.11ac) provides fast, reliable wireless streaming
    • includes access to exclusive content on BRAVIA CORE
    • 4 HDMI inputs (three 2.1 and one 2.0b)
      • all inputs are HDCP 2.3 compatible for connecting to copy-protected 4K video sources
      • to view the highest-quality 4K and HDR content from connected sources, use a high-bandwidth HDMI cable
      • HDMI input 3 supports eARC (enhanced Audio Return Channel)
      • HDMI inputs 2-4 support 4K/120 Hz and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM), and will support Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) after firmware update
    • Toslink optical digital audio output (can pass Dolby® Digital/DTS multichannel or 2-channel audio from connected sources)
    • RF input for antenna/cable signals
    • Ethernet port for the fastest, most secure internet connection
    • 2 USB inputs for connecting a thumb drive or hard drive
    • RS-232C port
    Gaming features:
    • Game Mode keeps input lag down to 8.5ms for a smooth, responsive gaming
    • ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) detects gaming inputs and automatically switches to Game Mode to ensure your controls stay responsive
    • VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) reduces stutter and frame tearing for smoother gameplay (available via a future firmware update)
    • Auto HDR Tone Mapping for PS5 for improved accuracy and color
    • built-in 2.2-channel sound system (85 watts total)
    • Acoustic Multi-Audio technology uses four frame tweeters to position sound where it appears onscreen, increasing immersion
    • Acoustic Center Sync synchronizes TV speakers with compatible Sony sound bars for fuller, more immersive sound
      • works with Sony HT-A7000, HT-A5000, and HT-A9 systems
    • front-firing subwoofers add surprisingly powerful bass
    • sound is projected to the side and vertically to provide 3D surround sound without additional equipment
      • audio signal is "upscaled" to surround sound, so everything you watch gains the benefit of 3D audio
    • supports Dolby Atmos® audio format
    • Voice Zoom™ 2 enhances voices, improving dialogue clarity
    General features and info:
    • includes detachable BRAVIA CAM web camera - mounts on TV with magnetic terminal and connects via USB-C
      • Ambient Optimization Pro matches your picture and audio to the environment by adjusting brightness and reflection (via future firmware update)
      • Gesture Control lets you adjust your settings with simple gestures without a remote (via future firmware update)
      • Auto Power Saving Mode darkens the screen automatically when you're not in front of it (via future firmware update)
      • Proximity Alert lets you set a distance for viewing the TV, alerting children or other users when they're too close (via future firmware update)
    • flush metal bezel is designed to help your eyes focus on the picture instead of the TV's frame
    • 3-way multi-position stand
      • standard setting
      • wide setting for sound bar placement
      • narrow setting for a smaller footprint
    • includes smart remote with a built-in mic for voice control
      • integrated backlight makes adjusting the volume or settings in the dark easy
      • remote can control other compatible devices connected to your TV
      • use voice control or a button on the side of your TV to find your remote with a ringing sound
    • concealed cable track keeps your setup free of wire clutter
    • wall-mountable
      • VESA mounting hole pattern: 300mm x 300mm
    • dimensions with stand in standard position (measured by 65-7/8"W x 39-3/8"H x 15-5/8"D
    • dimensions with stand in narrow position (measured by 65-7/8"W x 40"H x 15-5/8"D
    • dimensions with stand in sound bar position (measured by 65-7/8"W x 42-3/16"H x 15-5/8"D
    • dimensions without stand (measured by 65-7/8"W x 38-7/8"H x 3"D
    • weight: 108.2 lbs. with stand; 104.7 lbs. without stand
    • warranty: 1 year parts & labor - in-home service
    • MFR # XR75Z9K

    What's in the box:

    Sony BRAVIA MASTER Series XR-75Z9K owner's manual

    • 75" LED-LCD TV
    • 6.5' AC power cord
    • Bravia Cam
    • Remote control (RMF-TX900U)
    • 2 "AAA" batteries
    • 2 Pedestal feet
    • Four M5x12mm screws
    • 6 Back-panel covers
    • Cable-tie
    • Setup Guide
    • Reference Guide
    • Safety and Regulatory Booklet
    • End User License Agreement
    • Warranty Information
    • "Child Safety" note
    • "Display the TV program" note
    • "TV Screen Is Fragile" note

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