Music Note Connoisseur Reference Speaker Cable (Pair)
Music Note Connoisseur Reference Speaker Cable 3M Pair

Music Note Connoisseur Reference Speaker Cable (Pair)

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Music Note Connoisseur Reference Speaker Cables (Pair)

Music Note loudspeaker cables are handcrafted with one intention in mind; making the world's most musically perfect cables constructed of select top of the line components. Yes we can sell our products for 10 times the price, but what good are they sitting on a shelf collecting dust. We are just being real. Our cables deliver on every promise - quiet, dynamic and musically balanced, with a promise to deliver all of the music. Designed for ultimate music and home entertainment systems that demand no weak link in cabling.

Amplifier Connections

Our cables are directional time twisted for perfect audio reproduction. To take the guesswork out of the equation for which end goes where, the amplifier side of our cables are hand connected using Rhodium Plated Spades.

Speaker Connections

Our speaker ends utilize top of the line Rhodium Plated locking banana terminations for a secure tight fit

Cable Lengths

Lengths: 3M Pair

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