Monster ULT V1000 CV-4 Ultra 1000 Component Video Cables (4 feet)
4ft / 1.21M Length

Monster ULT V1000 CV-4 Ultra 1000 Component Video Cables (4 feet)

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Monster ULT V1000 CV-4 Ultra 1000 Component Video Cables (4 feet)
Monster Ultra Series THX® 1000 Component Video Cables

Ultra-High Performance Component Video Cable with Gas-Injected Dielectric and Double Shielding for the Highest Resolution Picture.

Length: 4ft / 1.21M

For those who want the Best: Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Home Theatre Cable.

  1. Full-Coverage Double Shielding
  2. Silver Coated Conductor
  3. 24K Gold Contact Turbine Connector

Choosing the Right Video Connection
Although Component Video is the highest quality video connection available, not all TVs have Component Video inputs. If your TV doesn't, then use S-Video, the next best thing. Remember, S-Video cable doesn't come with the TV.

Introducing Monster Ultra Series THX-Certified Ultra Component Video
Monster's Ultra Series Component Video is the most advanced cable of its kind, outperforming high quality S-Video. The video signal is separated into three precision channels of video information for enhanced richness and color accuracy that's second to none.

Monster's advanced video technologies including nitrogen gas-injected dielectric insulation and silver content solder connections work together to deliver the clearest, sharpest, picture possible with maximum color saturation and ultra-low attenuation. So, whether you're watching your favorite DVD or enjoying a TV program in High Definition, Monster's Ultra Component Video will deliver the sharpest, most detailed picture with vibrant natural color.

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