JL AUDIO E112-ASH 12-inch 1,500 Watt Powered Subwoofer
JL Audio E112 12-inch Powered Subwoofer No Grill

JL AUDIO E112-ASH 12-inch 1,500 Watt Powered Subwoofer

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JL AUDIO E112-ASH 120-inch 1500W Powered 12" Subwoofer

CapitalSound.ca's Review of the JL Audio E-Sub e112 Powered Subwoofer in Ash Black

Powered Subwoofer with 12-inch Subwoofer Driver, 1500 watts

"I was on a mission to find a powered subwoofer that can add more realism while watching movies, deliver deeper, more realistic bass that I can feel while watching Jurassic Park, and feel every thumping footstep taken when the dinosaurs walk by, yet being fast enough to keep up with complex music riffs and staying cohesive with my main speakers. Finally, I found it, the JL Audio E-Sub e112. The JL Audio e112 from the E-Sub lineup delivered on all my expectations and more. Now I know the difference between a good sub and a great sub - and this is a great sub." Antonio Romeo President and CEO of CapitalSound.ca.

Bass that will move you

Deep, realistic bass adds visceral impact and atmosphere to your music and movies to help them hit you on an emotional level. No one understands this better than the bass enthusiasts at JL Audio. They should know — they've been building world-class subwoofers for cars and homes for decades. The latest example of their exceptional skills and craftsmanship is the e112 powered sub. This 1,500-watt dynamo delivers room-shaking bass that goes loud, clean, and low. But it's about so much more than just "the boom." The e112's massive, long-excursion 12" driver provides pinpoint accuracy and control that gives your bass superb definition, texture, and musicality.

JL Audio e112 long-excursion driver

A massive, long-excursion 12" driver delivers deep, accurate bass that gives your system a strong musical foundation.

Massive, long-excursion driver

The e112's powerful performance begins with its exceptionally deep driver design. Built around a 12" cast-frame woofer with a massive motor structure, this sub can deliver staggering output without breakup or distortion. JL Audio uses sophisticated DMA (Dynamic Motor Analysis) technology which lets them shape, control, and stabilize the driver's magnetic field strength to ensure ultra-linear motor force throughout its long excursion range. This allows the woofer to more faithfully track the input signal for greater bass definition and dynamics.

JL Audio e112 sub cutaway

This sub's driver bolts to the back of its braced cabinet to create a vault-like enclosure for clean, powerful bass.

The extended depth and wide gaps between the cone's rubber surround and dual spiders hold the woofer cone precisely in place as it moves, for the most accurate sound possible. To provide rigid mechanical coupling between driver and cabinet, the woofer's steel front mounting flange also forms the entire front baffle of the finished enclosure. The driver's back-plate is then threaded and bolted to the rear wall of the cabinet for additional support and rigidity. All of these careful steps produce a rock-solid structure for clear, low-distortion bass.

A custom designed amp with immense power

It takes a special amp to power the e112's massive driver. Fortunately, the 1,500-watt beast JL employs is more than up to the task. They developed a completely new amplifier with a regulated, switching power supply for the e112. This design approach allows the amplifier to be more compact, lightweight, and efficient, yet still deliver abundant, low-distortion power to extract peak performance from the sub's driver.

Convenient, top-mounted controls make adjusting the subwoofer easy. JL also provides a cover plate to hide and protect the controls during normal use. Another thoughtful touch is the rear panel switch that allows the line level inputs to be configured as grounded or isolated to help eliminate any ground-related noise problems. Plus, a switchable polarity and a fully variable phase control allow you to fine tune the sub's sound to better match your system and room.

For two-channel music fans with separate components or a compatible receiver, the e112 even includes a true, two-way built-in variable electronic crossover. The crossover's low-pass filtered output feeds the sub's own internal amplifier while the high-pass filtered signal exits through the sub's line outputs to the amp connected to your main speakers. This configuration allows for more seamless integration between the sub and satellites.

JL Audio factory

All American muscle To top things off, every e112 powered sub is built in JL Audio's U.S. factory in Miramar, Florida. Each unit is individually performance-verified and tested to deliver years of listening enjoyment in your music or home theater system.

Product highlights: JL Audio E-Sub e112-ASH

      • frequency response: 21-120 Hz (-3dB)
      • built-in 1,500-watt RMS amplifier
      • front-firing, long-throw 12" woofer
      • sealed (acoustic suspension) enclosure
      • continuously variable master level volume control
      • continuously variable low-pass crossover (25-130 Hz)
      • continuously variable phase control (0-280°)
      • polarity switch (0°, 180°) can help smooth the transition between subwoofer and main speakers
      • grounded/isolated switch can reduce any low-frequency hum coming through the line-level audio inputs
      • crossover switch to turn subwoofer's internal crossover on or off
      • top mounted controls
      • three position power switch: off/on/signal-sensing auto on
      • speaker-level inputs
      • line-level/LFE inputs
      • line-level outputs: selectable for full-range or variable (30-130 Hz) high-pass
      • black ash vinyl finish
      • 15-1/2"W x 16-1/4"H x 18-7/16"D
      • weight: 73.5 lbs.
      • warranty: 3 years
      • MFR # 96279

    What's in the box:

      JL Audio E-Sub e112 owner's manual

        • Powered subwoofer
        • Grille (attached)
        • 6.5' AC power cord
        • Owner's Manual

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