Furman M-8S Power line conditioner and surge protector with power sequencing
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Furman M-8S Power line conditioner and surge protector with power sequencing

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Power line conditioner and surge protector with power sequencing

Say hello to safer power - and goodbye to speaker pop

The M-8S has 6 AC outlets with power sequencing, for controlled power-up/power-down to eliminate speaker pop and prevent nuisance circuit breaker trips.

Furman's M-8S power line conditioner is a smart, low-cost AC power solution for any rack-mount system. It combines reliable surge and spike protection with effective noise filtering, plus a bonus: power sequencing.

Most sound guys know that the majority of equipment damage happens when gear is either powered up or powered down. Power sequencing allows A/V equipment to be powered up in stages, which gives components time to stabilize before the next group of components is energized. When powering down, the sequence order is reversed, providing a "soft landing" for your A/V gear.

Probably the most noticeable benefit of power sequencing is the elimination of speaker pop - that loud popping noise you hear when components are powered up simultaneously or out of sequence. Speaker pop is more than just annoying; it can stress or even damage amplifiers and speakers.

Power sequencing can also help prevent nuisance breaker trips. If you power up multiple amps simultaneously, the "in-rush currents" sum together and can exceed the capacity of the AC circuit, causing the circuit breaker to trip. The Furman M-8S prevents breaker trips by sequencing power activation, spreading the load over a space of several seconds.

Clean, dependable power = peace of mind

Bars, clubs and other event venues have some of the most inconsistent and glitch-prone power out there. With so many lights and appliances pulling current loads up and down, the fluctuating AC power coming from the wall can strain the circuits in your equipment. A single big power spike might even take out some of your more delicate electronics. So, don't put your trust in wall AC, or the false security of a $5 power strip. All nine of the M-8S's AC outlets feature Furman's legendary protection circuitry, which defends your gear from the spikes and surges that are as common as they are unexpected.

The M-8S also features Furman's RFI/EMI filtration, which can deliver quieter audio without the buzz and crackle that often comes along for the ride with unfiltered power sources.

Product highlights:

  • 9 AC outlets - 8 rear, 1 front
    • 6 rear-panel sequenced outlets (3 duplexes, each controlled by a separate relay)
    • 2 rear-panel unswitched outlets (1 duplex)
    • single unswitched convenience outlet on the front panel
  • power-up/power-down sequencing helps eliminate speaker pop and nuisance breaker trips
  • "momentary" and "maintained" sequencing via rear panel terminal block or front panel switch (momentary only)
  • all settings and configurations available on rear panel
  • spike and surge suppression with "Protection OK" LED indicator
  • EMI/RFI noise filtering for clearer sound
  • maximum current rating: 15 amps
  • 10-foot 14-gauge heavy-duty power cable
  • 19"W x 1-3/4"H x 8"D (1U rack space)
  • weight: 7 lbs.
  • warranty: 3 years
  • MFR # M-8S

What's in the box:

Furman M-8S owner's manual

  • Power sequencer with attached 10' power cord (IEC 3-prong plug)
  • Owner's Manual

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