Denon AVR-X8500HA <br>13.2 Channel 150W AV Receiver
Denon AVR-X8500H 13.2 Channel Home Theater Receiver Front View

Denon AVR-X8500HA
13.2 Channel 150W AV Receiver

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  • 13.2 Channel 150W AV Receiver
  • Monolithic amplifier design with two separate heatsinks
  • IMAX Enhanced, Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, DTS Virtual:X, Auro-3D
  • 8 HDMI inputs, 3 HDMI outputs, including eARC HDMI
  • Audyssey MultEQ XT32, Dynamic Volume/EQ, LFC, Sub EQ HT
  • Voice control with Amazon Alexa, Siri (via AirPlay 2) and Google Assistant
  • AirPlay 2 /Bluetooth /Network Streaming, HEOS Built-in
  • Available in black or silver.
  • About the Denon AVR-X8500HA

    Denon's Flagship 13-channel AVR-X8500HA: rock-solid inside and out

    Denon introduces the world's first 13-channel receiver
    The team saw a lot of exciting innovations at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. One of the main highlights was the AVR-X8500H, Denon's latest flagship home theater receiver. This 13-channel beast (rated at 150 watts per channel) certainly caught our attention. As our correspondent JR put it, &quot;for anyone that wants to do [Dolby] Atmos, this seems like a go-to product.&quot;

    New heights for overhead sound
    The 'X8500H offers the most flexibility for setting up an Atmos system that we've ever seen from a single A&#47;V component. You can add as many as six overhead or Atmos enabled speakers in up to a 7.1.6 configuration, or you can set up a 9.1.4 system with &quot;front width&quot; speakers to create a larger soundstage ? no additional amp required! And you can use up to two subwoofers, supported by discrete outputs on the receiver, in any Atmos configuration.

    Loaded with up-to-the-minute features
    In addition to its impressive Dolby Atmos capabilities, the 'X8500H supports DTS:X and Auro-3D for realistic, multidimensional surround sound that puts you in the middle of the action. This receiver also passes 4K video signals, including those encoded with HDR information, to your 4K TV. And it even upscales HD and standard definition video to 4K resolution. Plus you can stream music from different sources and enjoy high-resolution music in your living room ? or any room in your house.

    Streamline your music with HEOS
    Built-in HEOS technology lets you access all your music ? from your personal library, internet radio, and popular streaming services like Pandora&#174;, Spotify&#174;, and TIDAL ? through the 'X8500H.

    This receiver can be easily integrated into a wireless multi-room audio system. Stream music to HEOS wireless speakers and components in different rooms, and control each room's sound independently with the free HEOS app. The app lets you control playback, browse music sources, and select which rooms you want to use. Play the same music throughout your home, or listen to something different in each room.

    Complete multi-room flexibility
    The 'X8500H has a &quot;Zone 2&quot; HDMI output so you can watch video from two separate sources in your living room and a second room. With outputs for 15 speakers, you get plenty of options for setting up your home theater exactly the way you want it, and expanding into other rooms (don't forget, it can &quot;only&quot; power 13 speakers at a time).

    While going for a full-on 9.1.4 or 7.1.6 Atmos system sounds just glorious to us, a simpler 9.1.2 or 7.1.4 Atmos system can still provide an awesome home theater experience while leaving you two free channels to power a set of speakers outdoors or in another room.

    And that's just one example. This receiver supports more speaker configurations than we have room to cover here. Basically, if you're happy using fewer channels in your home theater, it can power speakers in two additional zones. Or you can use one of the extra sets of height channels to bi-amp compatible front speakers for more powerful sound. Or you can just use all 13 channels to power the baddest Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro 3D home theater system anyone has ever seen.


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