When we listen to music, or any audio output for that matter, we tend to base our experience and attribute it to the system itself. While this is true for most part, the kind and quality of speakers along with their positioning matter, and so do surprisingly the speaker cables that are being used.

Most of us tend to restrict the attention given to the speaker cable as being a simple wire that helps bring the sound to the speaker from the system, yet these are important to the sound as well.  You might want to re-check what you are now using and upgrade to higher quality cables.

Speaker cables would need to be thicker if you have longer requirements. The longer the distance to the speaker, the greater the impact or pressure that would be needed, and therefore, thicker speaker cables make a better choice. Thicker speaker cables are best if you are hooking up to a home theatre system which can allow finer sounds.

Speaker wires can be quite an eyesore if they run all through the length and breadth of your room. If you cannot have your speaker cables set in while you are getting civil work done at home, look for flatter speaker wires which can be painted. They can merge into the walls better and offer you a neater finish. A good alternative is to use a masking raceway which can keep the speaker cables concealed and will also attach to the walls easily.

When you look at your speaker cables carefully, you will find that the cheaper alternatives are usually a poor choice. Rather than improve the quality of sound, it has been found that poor quality or inferior speaker cables can actually distort or degrade the sound that can potentially be achieved. Always try out speaker cables at home before you make the final installation. Look for a retailer who will allow a return policy so that you can return them.

It is fairly easy to connect speaker cables by yourself without an expert around. Your speaker cables will come with instructions and illustrations that can be followed simply. In just a little time, you can completely change the way you hear things around your home, and enjoy the sound more with the same systems and speakers you have always had.

When you're assembling the perfect home theatre system, you want power, clean power, and a flawless transference of that power between the components of your system. At Capital Sound, we understand your pursuit for audio/video perfection, which is why we carry the Monster line of video cables and home theatre power sources. From the CV-2 and CV-4 cables to the amps and voltage stabilizers, it's nothing but clean, crisp power for all of your movies and music, and for our VIP Club members, all that power comes at an incredibly low price. Sign up today for your free VIP Club membership and start hearing the difference that a little Monster can bring to your entertainment world.

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