Sound is one of the most important elements in our human existence. We judge a lot of our experiences off of our senses and sound helps us understand the quality of something. Sound quality is the biggest separator between what is professional and what is amateur and when you are listening to movies or music that difference can be huge. If want to actually experience either one of those topics you really should go about getting yourself a nice audio system.

What makes an audio system good or not? Here are some indicators when you are looking around.

How powerful is it?
By powerful we don't mean how many speakers, but rather how much juice does it draw in order to power itself. A good system will have the proper power to make sure that the speakers are getting enough juice. The more juice an audio system can produce the greater the sound it can output. In many packaged systems you will find that they use sub-par elements that are wrapped up in a pretty package. Do not buy based on looks alone, always read the system specs.

How many speakers does it have?
This ties back to the power question. If the speakers involved are in the five to seven area the stereo should be at putting out a higher amount of power, probably around 300 watts or more would be best. If the stereo is only topping around 150 it probably shouldn't run anymore than three speakers with a sub woofer.

How good are your connections?
The wires that connect your speakers back to the stereo shouldn't be just simple pinch connections. There should be plug in systems that allow your speakers to take in the best amount of power and produce the best sound possible. 

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