The biggest of the big nights in Hollywood had left in its wake plenty of goodie bag toters (losers) and a few Oscar winners. If you are into anything vogue, this is also the night to keep your eyes peeled for what appears to be an advanced screening of Spring and Fall Fashion Week, except that the catwalk is carpeted in red and 500 meters long and traipsed by Tinseltown’s biggest names. The musical performances lend different flavors to the event, and some of them leave sweet aftertastes that it’s worthy to keep them playing long after the party subsided. Here’s a handful of suggestions to get you warmed up to the biggest show on earth on its brightest night.

Everything is awesome when you are part of a team

The Who's Who of Hollywood not only received a mock Oscar statue, but they were also treated to a musical performance that was a shot in the arm. Made for The Lego Movie, this upbeat soundtrack 'Everything Is Awesome' would indeed make your adrenaline rush, or in the case of Oscar attendees, woke them up from the monotonous litany of nominee roll call and acceptance speeches.

My favorite things

Stefani Germanotta, notoriously known as Lady Gaga when she has her meat dress or bubble frock on, snared the attention of the Dolby Theatre audience in her exceptional rendition of a medley of songs from the movie 'Sound of Music'. The Poker Face singer hit all the high notes the musical was known for, with Stefani's in-your-face tattoos and a toned down version of herself, a surprising departure to her often loud stage costumes.

Glorious Selma

The 1960s Selma to Montgomery Marches are the 'soul' reason behind this soundtrack created by rapper Common and singer and songwriter John Legend. These history-making marches led by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. eventually led to the passage of the Voting Rights Act, a landmark achievement of the American Civil Rights Movement. See both the artists' performance of 'Glory' on Grammy and Oscar nights, and challenge yourself to not shed a single tear as African-Americans literally fought for their right to be heard.

Are you going to miss me?

The movie "Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me" is about the country music icon who went on a farewell tour in the United States, Australia, and Europe as he battles Alzheimer's disease. While he was not able to attend the ceremonies due to declining health brought about by his condition, he was subbed in instead by country music veteran Tim McGraw who was handpicked by Campbell's family to do the cover.

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