Setting up a home theater system and promoting an almost-real action scenes right inside your home can be a daunting task, considering the options and technologies available. Home theater systems are available in different brand names, and speakers can be installed in different configurations from bookshelf speakers, architectural in-wall speakers to floor-standing speakers. While different types of speakers can work wonders in streaming sounds, not all products can deliver quality and even real-life sounds. When an almost-real life sounds are expected, consider the entertainment value delivered by THX-certified speaker.

A THX certification is prime commodity in the market thanks primarily to the technologies and actual sound reproduction that comes with it. Even at the sight of the THX logo and certification, home entertainment enthusiasts and buyers are automatically converted as instant fans and motivated to invest in these items. But more than the ‘THX branding’, home entertainment enthusiasts can experience a variety of benefits.

Intelligible conversations and clear ambience- A complete movie experience means understanding the dialogue between the protagonists, and deciphering the ambient sounds unique to specific setting or situation. While it’s always ideal to understand the dialogue in crisp sounds and voices, certain commercial speakers fail on this count. But now, THX-certified speakers available in the market meet expectations- these speakers allow crystal-clear conversations and provide viewers the opportunity to feel the same moment thanks to the captured ambient sounds. Ambient sounds refer to location-specific sounds like dropping rain or rustling of the leaves.

Improved and crisp studio volume- To ensure clarity and volume, THX-certified speakers feature the THX Reference Level.  With this technology, the movie-watching experience can deliver clarity and sounds are free from distortion. But just like other technologies, there are trade-offs with having a reference level. The technology comes with initial limitation including the need to play at higher volumes. But this has been addressed through the addition of THX Loudness Plus that allows playing at lower volumes without diminishing the sound effects.

Recommended combination of speakers to consider

Speakers for home entertainment system are available in different configurations including in-wall and floor-standing speakers. Each speaker type can be configured for pure entertainment but as a basic requirement, you can’t go wrong with a subwoofer, in-wall and in-ceiling speaker combination. Start with a top-notch subwoofer rated at 20Hz (-6dB) max to accommodate higher bass ratings. Don’t forget to throw in a few in-ceiling and in-wall speakers like Klipsch KL-6502 THX Ultra2 Series for correct frequency responses.

Consider the THX-certified speakers as best bets in discovering almost-real sound reproductions at the comfort of your home. While speakers with this seal of approval are more expensive, still these are must-have investments for enthusiasts who value premium home entertainment experience.

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