Everyone likes a good movie.  Whether you prefer action-adventure, comedy, romance, drama, thrillers or family fun, leaving reality for a few hours at a time to become engrossed in the lives and antics of the actors on screen can be fun, exciting and sometimes tear jerking.  The storytelling can be fantastic to the point that you forget you put aside your chores and forget your troubles for a short time.

As enjoyable as it is to go to the movies, it can be an expensive outing.  With the costs of movie tickets, popcorn, drinks and candy, it can cost a family of four upwards of $50 for two hours of entertainment.  These costs add up to a substantial amount for a family to go to the movies monthly, and even more so for those who make it a weekly outing.

Due to these high costs, many families opt to do their family movie night at home instead of going to the movies.  Investing in a home theater system is more cost effective for most families than going to the movies every week.  High quality televisions, Blu-ray players, and surround sound can make a home theater system an experience as exciting as going to the movies. 

Order a pizza or takeout Chinese, pop some corn, open a bag of chocolate candies and pick out a movie to watch with your family in your pajamas, or dress up, light some candles and enjoy a date night with your sweetheart.

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