You need to know all about speakers when building your home entertainment system. One of the speakers you need is the tweeter, which provides all the high audio frequencies for your movies and music, offsetting the deeper woofer and subwoofer speakers. While there are several different types of tweeters, the most popular for home entertainment speakers include cone, dome, horn and ribbon tweeters.

Check out the cone tweeter. While one of the older tweeters, it embodies simplicity and is relatively inexpensive. When cone tweeters originally came out, they were made with high quality materials. Finding a vintage cone tweeter not only adds a certain retro look to your home, but it gives you low distortion and low resonance in your sound, a definite plus.

If you want an unobtrusive tweeter, go with the dome tweeter. Its small size enables it to fit seamlessly into your entertainment center while producing powerful high frequency tones. Dome tweeters are the most common and easiest to find.

The third option is the horn tweeter. Go with this high-end option for sophisticated sound. In terms of efficiency, it easily beats both cone and dome tweeters. Finally, look into ribbon tweeters. This tweeter depends on magnets to work, and the bigger the magnet the more powerful the tweeter. These tweeters create an even sound dispersion in your home, so that you can hear what is going on regardless of where you sit.

The cone tweeter, dome tweeter, horn tweeter and ribbon tweeter are the most popular types of tweeters for home entertainment speakers. Before purchasing just any tweeter, look at the type of tweeter and whether or not that type fits your entertainment system goals. A good tweeter makes all the difference in sound.

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