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SOLD OUT - Monster AVS2000 SS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Signature Series
Monster AVS2000SS

SOLD OUT - Monster AVS2000 SS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Signature Series

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Monster AVS2000 SS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer Signature Series
The ultimate voltage stabilizer for home theater, Monster Signature Series AVS2000 features a personally signed plate from The Head Monster, Noel Lee, plus exclusive technology to keep your system performing at its best even during power brownouts (common during peak demand hours in the summertime) and when other voltage irregularities occur. AVS2000SS Automatic Voltage Stabilizer delivers exactly 120-volts to your equipment -- the precise voltage that sensitive audio and video components are designed to work at -- even when your local power company delivers as little as 80-volts or as much as 140-volts (overvoltage surges are surprisingly common!). Protect your valuable components from damage that occurs from too-low or too-high voltage, and assure maximum system performance anytime of the year, with Monster Signature Series AVS2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer.


How Do You Improve Perfection?

Hot on the heels of the most successful power products launch in the history of home theater, Noel Lee, Head Monster, announces the ultimate refinement in power conditioning.

A Bold New Look for Performance Power!

New True Blue LED readouts offer a bold new look to Signature Power. The Signature power products are way over the top, says the Head Monster.

"The Signature AVS 2000 Automatic Voltage Stabilizer uses a Monsterous microprocessor control variable transformer that delivers full power to your home theatre despite power fluctuations and surges. It adds a new look to our most highly reviewed power product."

Plus we use new heavy duty triple shielded Powerline 400 power cable and ultra sophisticated power protection that automatically resets for trouble free use.

Signed Personally by the Head Monster, the Signature Series is Noel Lee''s own personal statement on the superior look and performance of the Monster Power.

The AVS2000 Is Designed to Stabilize Power Line Fluctuations and Maintain Constant Voltage to Your Home Theater.

Voltage sags (below the standard RMS value of 120 volts) are often caused by power-hungry appliances like washing machines, air conditioners, and electric heaters, which draw more power (over 1500 watts) than your house was designed to support.

This can have a direct effect on home theater components, including amplifiers and two piece projection systems, which require a lot of power to operate at an optimum performance level. As a result, the picture can lose brightness and suddenly shrink in size. Amplifiers change gain structure which results in nasty distortions. They also won''t deliver peak power, dropping from 100 watts to as low as 60 watts, for example.

Your home theater is very power hungry, too, often drawing twice as much power as a washer and air conditioner combined. This can cause even more voltage sags and ultimately, inferior home theatre performance.

With AVS2000, all your high power devices will maintain the stability needed to deliver peak power and performance. You''ll enjoy the smoothest, most natural sound and the sharpest, brightest picture possible with vivid color. And, thanks to AVS2000''s sequential turn-on feature, your high power loads can operate at peak performance without causing unnecessary electrical stress that can often pop a circuit breaker or damage your components.

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