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Lawrence Audio Cello Rosewood Tower - Pair
Lawrence Audio Cello

Lawrence Audio Cello Rosewood Tower - Pair

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Lawrence Audio Cello Rosewood Tower
The Cello speaker delivers a very musical, engaging sound with a beautiful and natural midrange, tight articulate bass and nice open, pure and clear highs with excellent resolution and dynamics.  The Cabinet is constructed utilizing thick high quality MDF, the front grooved baffle is designed to be low diffraction. The surface of cabinet is finished in expensive hardwood.

The cabinet of the Cello is optimized, both in appearance and acoustic design. The Cello's beautiful and unique cabinet design is intended to simulate the shape of a Cello. Due to its lack of parallel surfaces, this design is also beneficial sonically as it helps reduce standing waves and diffraction allowing the drivers to produce a very clean and pure sound. In addition, it's polygonal, non-equilateral shape allows for a narrow front baffle and an extremely rigid, non-resonant cabinet.

Ported on the bottom, the Cello delivers surprisingly deep, articulate bass. And the bass reflex underneath the cabinet mean it can be placed near a back wall, making it easier to integrate into your living space.

The Cello is a five-driver, 3.5-way floor standing loudspeaker. It employs an air motion tweeter and an air motion mid-treble, the size of diaphragm is 25mmx120mm, easily field-replaceable for the diaphragm. It also has a rear firing tweeter, Purified aluminum ribbon tweeter the size of aluminum ribbon (LWT):60mmx8.8mmx0.01mm. High power handling, high output, shielded design, easily field-replaceable for the ribbon.

The woofer and subwoofer units are 8-inch Aluminum frame, the sandwich cone of Non-woven carbon fiber+Cell+Non-woven carbon fiber, 50mm (2") copper clad aluminum voice coil with flat wire, the special magnet system with Faraday ring and demodulation coil, 120mm×20mm Y30 Ferrite magnet. 

Crossover Woofer W1 utilizes the second order filter design, the subwoofer W2 utilizes the third order filter design, the midrange utilizes the second order filter design, the tweeter utilizes the fourth order filter design, and the rear firing tweeter utilizes the second order filter design.

The frequency of the crossover is 1700Hz, 1.7kHz, 2.6kHz and 9kHz. The crossover components used in the Cello include high quality M-Cap Supreme MKP capacitors, high purified OFC inductors and the metal oxide film resistors with military industrial standard. Connective cable are Teflon insulated OCC cable.

Material Included are Nickel-plate copper spikes that can be leveled and used with any floor surface, as well as matching cups to protect wood floors. Two pairs of binding posts is positioned at the bottom of the rear panel Cello loudspeaker is a 3.5-way design with a high performance carbon fiber woofer/subwoofer unit perfectly partnered with two top of the line air motion tweeter/mid-treble which extends the frequency range up to 40kHz. It also has a ribbon tweeter located on the upper backside of the speaker, in order to create a wider and deeper soundstage.

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