We've been analyzing the Klipsch RF-7 II for almost a year now here in Ottawa and have to say that I am always impressed every time I turn the system on. The RF-7 II have been our biggest seller and there is no question as to why. Simply amazing!!!

RF-7II Review

The setup consists of Klipsch RF-7 II x 2, RC-64II Center Channel x 1, RS-62II Surrounds x 2, RB-81 II Bookshelf x 2, Monster MPA5150 Signature Series Amps x 2, Marantz AV 8801 (review coming soon), Marantz UD5005.   

Aesthetics: The RF-7II are equally beautiful to glare at with or without the grill. I prefer without the grill. These monsters make a statement in any room with their furniture grade veneer cabinet.

Bass: In my opinion, there is no need for an in-room subwoofer as the 10" Cerametallic Cone Woofers produce plenty of low and heart pounding deep frequency bass.

Highs: The Titanium tweeters are a trickle down technology from Klipsch's flagship Palladium Series employing a linear travel suspension technology. The sounds reproduced feel more open and natural. At times you'll be able to hear the artist breathing making you feel as if you’re in the recording studio.

Many audiophiles do not know this, but Klipsch's Reference V Series has been completely overhauled and redesigned by the Klipsch's Palladium Group Engineers. Upgrades include Tractrix® Horn, Titanium diaphragm compression driver, Two 10" Cerametallic cone woofers, fine tuned crossover, redesigned cabinets with Bass-reflex via dual rear-firing ports, and more... There is a night and day difference between the new Reference V Series and the Klipsch Speakers made for the box stores and by far the best bang for your buck.

When I delivered and set up a pair of Klipsch RF-7II in Cherry, with an Anthem Integrated Amp and Marantz UD5005 Universal BluRay Disc Player for a client here in Ottawa, and finally turned the new system on with the client's favorite CD, I was in disbelief that the client got teary eyed and explained that he had never heard his opera music in such detail and is a treat to hear every instrument. I sat with him for several hours and listened to the music while sipping on some fine cognac and really got a good appreciation on what these speakers are designed to reproduce at both low and high listening levels. I must say that the RF-7II is by far my favorite Klipsch Floorstanding speaker without breaking the bank and going into the Palladium Series line up.

Conclusion: The RF-7II is a must have speaker and will definitely not disappoint.

What has your experiences been like with the Klipsch RF-7II Reference V Series Floorstanding Speakers? I invite all who own or have auditioned the Klipsch RF-7II to add their comments and feedback.


Antonio Romeo

Date 9/9/2013

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