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KEF R800ds Dipole Speaker - Walnut (Pair)

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KEF R800ds Dipole Speaker - Walnut (Pair)
The KEF R800ds Dipole Surround Speaker is a dipole surround speaker array for the serious home theater owner. With a duet of 5" Uni-Q Driver Arrays, which consists of a 5" midrange driver and 1" tweeter, working out of phase to create a remarkable, hard to localize sound field, the R800ds delivers stunning dynamic sonic effects that put you at the heart of the action. The R800DS stands just over 7" high and comes in at 13.8" wide, making it compact enough to fit your home theater system without being too cumbersome. The R800ds' Uni-Q driver array offers an especially articulated high-end response, thanks to a large neodymium magnet and a computer-optimized dome structure so stiff that it operates pistonically over its entire working range. On top of all that, our 'tangerine' waveguide ensures a wide and even dispersion without interference between the high-frequency and mid-frequency drivers. The KEF Uni-Q Driver Array is a coincidence driver where the midrange and tweeter units are mounted at precisely the same point in space, allowing them to integrate perfectly and create the ideal sound field for the listener to experience a convincingly natural sound.

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