SOLD OUT! KEF R600c Center Channel Speaker - Gloss White (Each)

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KEF R600c Center Channel Speaker - Gloss White (Each)
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The KEF R600c Center Channel is the larger of the two R Series center channel speakers, yet the design ensures the slimmest possible profile for ease of placement in racks and under televisions. What's more, because of the D'Appolito driver configuration, the R600c can also be used in LCR positions. The R600c will immerse you in true surround sound, helping place you at the very heart of the action with a level of clarity, precision and sophistication that will make any music or movie sound as though you're at the concert or amidst the action. The R600c's 5" Uni-Q Driver Array, which consists of a 5" midrange driver and 1" tweeter, will perfectly capture and replicate dialogue in any movie, whether it's shouted or softly whispered, with incredible precision. The array is complimented by the duet of 6.5" bass drivers, which serve to bring you all the thudding, booming low-end frequencies without a hint of distortion. The KEF Uni-Q Driver Array is a coincidence driver where the midrange and tweeter units are mounted at precisely the same point in space, allowing them to integrate perfectly and create the ideal sound field for the listener to experience a convincingly natural sound.

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