SOLD OUT! KEF Q600c 6.5
KEF Q600 Center Channel Speakers

SOLD OUT! KEF Q600c 6.5" Three Way Uni Q Center Channel Loudspeaker

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KEF Q600 6.5" Three Way Uni Q Centre Channel Loudspeaker
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Q600c Center Channel Loudspeaker 
The upper end of center channel speakers 
The KEF Q600c Center Channel Speaker is the big brother of our Q200c, boasting a bigger Uni-Q driver array and duo of bass drivers. Though you don't have to play the Q600c loud to gain the full benefit. We've designed it so it sounds flawless, no matter what volume you're listening at. 
The Q200C uses a 6.5 Uni-Q driver array, flanked by two 6.5 bass drivers, to properly fill your home theater with an undistorted and incredibly full sound. 

Our Uni-Q Driver 
Our Uni-Q driver array will perfectly capture and replicate dialogue in any movie, whether it's shouted or softly whispered, with incredible precision. The magic of the Uni-Q driver lies in its 1 inch vented aluminum dome tweeter sitting at the exact acoustic center of a sophisticated 6.5 inch mid range driver. The two drivers act as one source, much like the human voice, to give you the best listening experience possible. 
The array is complimented by the duet of 6.5 inch bass driver, which serve to bring you all the thudding, booming low-end frequencies without a hint of distortion.

Smooth Sound 
Our Z-flex surround on the Uni-Q drivers smooth the transition to the front panel, allowing the Q600c to deliver clean, punchy sound without colorization. 
At the center of the mid-range cone is the same vented tweeter that gives our flagship Blade speaker its startlingly pure high-frequency response, and our tangerine wave-guide helps disperse high-frequency evenly across a wider angle to fill the room with an intricate and refreshingly natural sound field. 

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