I suppose that it should not come as much of a surprise that televisions get all the glory when it comes to home theater systems. After all, it is what we look at when we are enjoying a properly put together and installed home theater system. Also, there is no doubt that the advancements in television in recent years from 4K to curved screens to 3D to have been mighty exciting. However, there is also no doubt that a home theater system that is lacking in the sound department will fail to please regardless of how technologically advanced its television is.

To make sure your home theater system has a quality sound system you really need to consider getting a soundbar. There are many benefits to going the soundbar route. First of all, a single soundbar can take the place on a number of other audio components since many modern soundbars contain the right, center, and left speakers and often even a subwoofer.

The next positive you will enjoy by going with a soundbar is that they are much easier to set up than other systems since it is a single unit. However, this is not always the case. Some people are creating some very nice home theater systems by using soundbars in conjunction with other speakers such as rear-right, rear-left, front-right, front-left speakers. This hybrid traditional/soundbar speaker set-up can produce a much deeper, more nuanced surround sound than a soundbar can all on its own.

The third positive to soundbars is that they are less expensive than are sound systems that are made up of individual audio components. Of course, the cost difference will diminish as you add additional speakers to it. The final pro to soundbars is their size. They are small. They can easily fit above or below the television or in front of or behind the audience.

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