If you’re a big music fan or have a music system in your home, then you’ll want to learn more about taking the best possible care of your speakers so that they can last for several years to come and so that you can get as many years as possible out of your speakers. Learn how to properly maintain your speakers before you buy your next set.

Basic Maintenance

It’s best that you keep your equipment in a place where dust won’t be able to get inside of it or in the speaker nets. Dust can significantly decrease your speaker’s performance, and it’s best to use a vacuum cleaner to take care of any dust that accumulates on your speakers. Consider using a can of compressed air for any dust that’s inside of your equipment.

Avoid using liquid cleaners when tidying up your speakers, and make sure that you clean them often. It’s also best that you refrain from keeping your speakers on any metals that are magnetic and keep them on wooden materials instead. Experts recommend doing everything you can to avoid having static electricity come in contact with your speakers since it can potentially cause a burn out. Place anti-static mats around your speakers to keep them safe.

Technical Maintenance

Do everything that you can to keep heat away from your speakers, which means placing them out of direct sunlight. Make sure that any vent holes your speakers have are never blocked. It’s also good to make sure that your equipment is plugged up correctly since having the wrong jacks hooked up can blow your system.

While your speakers aren’t alive, they do need room to breathe. Ensure your speakers have proper ventilation to both maintain and increase their life. If you have to, use fans to keep them cool and properly ventilated. Finally, give the owner’s manual a good read through to see if there’s any type of specific care that you need to give your particular speakers.

With a little TLC and time, you’re sure to be jamming to your favorite music blasting from your speakers for as long as possible.

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