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Make an Offer

Posted by Antonio Romeo on 1/3/2017
Make an Offer
In 2016, spearheaded an innovative change for home theatre and audiophile enthusiasts to purchase their consumer electronics by introducing Make an Offer.

Raising The Roof

Posted by Antonio Romeo on 10/26/2016 to Community Support
Raising The Roof donates a huge Klipsch 5.1 Reference V Series Home Theatre System for the 12TH Anniversary Raising the Roof recognizing the Taggart Family of Ottawa.

Choosing the Right Klipsch Home Theatre Speaker System

Posted by Capital Sound on 5/17/2015 to Klipsch Reviews
No matter where you live, or the lifestyle you enjoy, building a top quality home theatre system is one investment that will pay dividends virtually every day of your life. Whether you have a couple of shows that you watch every week, or a dozen, your home theatre will make them all sound better. If you're a movie buff, nothing puts you in the middle of the action and makes you truly feel what's happening on the screen like an outstanding home theatre system. Outside of your home and, maybe, your car, it's arguably the most important item you own.

Organizing and Hiding Cables and Wires

Posted by Capital Sound on 5/10/2015
Outfitting your house with a new multi-room audio system or a new home theater system can results in lots of extra cables lying around. Most people love the idea of having a system like this, but not everyone knows how to deal with the cords. Here are a few tips for organizing and hiding all those wires and cables.

Cleaning and Maintaining Audio Speakers

Posted by Capital Sound on 5/10/2015 to Speaker Maintenance
When you own something that you value, like the great artwork on the wall, the sweet car in the garage or the manicured backyard, you want to keep them clean and well-maintained, so you can enjoy them even longer the same way you did when they were new. If you're like us, and refuse to compromise when it comes to your home entertainment or audio system, your audio and video equipment is right up there on the list.