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Klipsch SW-115 Powered Subwoofer 15" Front Firing

Klipsch SW-115 Powered Subwoofer 15" Front Firing

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SW-115 Subwoofer

When you are creating a home theater system in your home, you want precision and high performance to be the trademarks of each component. You want your music to be crisp, clear and perfectly reproduced, and you want your movie dialogue to sound like the actors are standing right there in the room with you. At Capital Sound, precision and performance describes every piece of equipment we carry. Every speaker, every receiver, every set of headphones is designed to appease the highest standards in audio quality, and for VIP Club members, all of that performance is available at incredibly low prices. The Klipsch SW-115 front-firing subwoofer delivers powerful bass response below 20 Hz, so instead of booming distortion, you get bold and clean lower frequencies that take action movies and hard-driving rock and roll to an entirely new level. Becoming a VIP Club member is free, so sign up today and get all the precision and performance you can handle at ridiculously low discount prices.

Klipsch SW-115
Depth is understanding.

The Klipsch SW-115 subwoofer delivers bass response below 20 Hz. Whether it’s the synthesized bass of an explosion or earthquake from a film or the extremely low true bass of a pipe organ or the distinct multiple low notes coming from a bass guitar, you will sit up and take notice of any and all extremely low frequencies.

The SW-115’s presence will be felt even in oversized rooms but its aesthetics allow it to blend within any setup or room size.

Klipsch SW-115

Its front-firing 15-inch driver and slot port not only reinforces the large driver for extremely high output, its design also helps to solidify the cabinet for minimal resonance. That means the Klipsch SW-115 subwoofer can be built into a wall or cabinet or hang out in a corner and still deliver maximum output and minimum “boominess.” For the greatest placement flexibility, add an optional Klipsch WA-2 Wireless Subwoofer Kit for a simple wireless connection.

Klipsch SW-115

But this beast is also conscious of its surroundings. The 1-watt standby mode offers the very latest in energy-saving technology.

Hear and feel what might otherwise dip below the radar with the Klipsch SW-115.

Wireless Connectivity: Optional Klipsch Wireless Audio Kit for Select Subwoofers

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