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Sometimes, you really don't want to share the music you're listening to with anyone else. Maybe you're rocking out in a public place, or perhaps you're enjoying your tunes at home while someone is sleeping. Perhaps you're just playing your favorite video game, and you don't want anyone to hear the orchestrated chaos happening on the screen. For times like these, the most important piece of equipment you can own is a pair of superior quality headphones. No worries, because Capital Sound has your ears covered, literally! We carry an excellent selection of Klipsch headphones, and when it comes to reproducing sound, nobody beats Klipsch. Choose from in-ear, on-ear and over-ear styles, jacked, bluetooth and wireless models. And, since this is Capital Sound, our VIP Club members know they're always going to get the lowest prices around. Simply click on the headphones sub-category link below to get started, or give our customer care team a call at 613-884-8809 to shop by phone.